Description of Pacific Flyway Panels

Pacific Flyway Panels

The two large panels intersecting the second ring and featuring migrating birds contain imagery with multiple facets of symbolism in the seal narrative.  In relation to the central image, they represent the Pacific Flyway, another element of the “Crossroads” that are integral to the city’s development, vision and sense of place. 

The panel with the words “City of Davis” features a migrating Swainson’s Hawk and an image of radiating fields, symbolizing our city’s agricultural beginnings, and, in partnership with the university, its enduring leadership in the field of agriculture. It also represents the Aspiration for synergy between nature and agriculture, as well the long-term goal of protecting agricultural land in our city’s planning and conservation.

The Pacific Flyway panel featuring the wetlands and migrating waterfowl connects us to the original natural landscape and native inhabitants of our region. Importantly, it also represents the Vision, Planning, and Stewardship of our citizens, developers, and government in establishing the North and West Davis ponds as habitat for migrating birds within the city. In addition, it recognizes those themes in the work of volunteer citizens and non-profit organizations in establishing the Yolo Basin Wildlife Area.