Overview of Davis Centennial Seal

The Davis Centennial Seal

Made of bronze and measuring 6 1/2 feet in diameter,   the Davis Centennial Seal commemorates the 100-year anniversary of the City of Davis, and celebrates the story of this land and its inhabitants over time.

The history of Davis is told in a series of concentric rings surrounding a central image. 

The Central Image can be thought of as “Crossroads” -- the convergence of geographical and infrastructural elements that are at the core of our founding and development as a city.  The importance of each crossroad is illustrated throughout the seal narrative.

The inner ring surrounding the central image describes the early history of our region and city before its founding, and the second ring continues the story from the city’s founding in 1869 to incorporation in 1917.  In portraying our early history, the imagery illustrates the convergence of circumstances and events that resulted in the city’s founding and incorporation. 

The history of Davis following incorporation is told by a ring of radiating panels that illustrate our history and development over the century in a multi-faceted way, through the exploration of themes and values that connect us to our past. These are themes and values that have endured and are integral to our identity as a proud, forward-thinking, and idealistic city. These include: Aspiration; Community; Cooperation; Compassion; Leadership; Innovation; Engagement; Global Citizenship; Stewardship; Vision; Optimism.

Finally, the outer ring represents Putah Creek and honors the native habitat and original inhabitants of this land. The portrayal of the flora and fauna of Putah Creek is also imbued with important symbolism, as it embodies a story that reflects the themes and values that are woven throughout the seal narrative.